Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mermaid Madness happens again!

                                Girls just want to have fun!
Poor starfish was stranded on the sandbar and the birds were looking at him like he would make a good dinner..... so we rescued him. The Palm Beach Inlet is full of these beautiful creatures and we need to make sure nothing bad happens to them. They are our treasures! Watch over them, enjoy them, but never hurt or harm them!

           Pulled up to the sandbar to enjoy some mermaid moments

 Starfish could be spotted everywhere today....the sea was full of  
beautiful stars and the water was crystal clear and warm for Feb.

 Christina paddled for the first time but had no problems catching on. She is a triathlete, she bikes runs and swims so she was in excellent shape. Lots of fun and a great asset to" Mermaid madness"........ 

 Betsy paddled from Phil Foster park all the way to Peanut Island and through the canal that runs through the Island. Quite an accomplishment for a cancer survivor! She is truly a amazing girl! Lots of friendships have been forged through Paddleboard Excursions.... especially with "Mermaid Madness"..... Come join us sometime and let the madness begin!

After our paddle we went to lunch at "Johnny Longboats" and had some great grilled Mahi Mahi sandwiches. Could not ask for a more beautiful day ..... with wonderful companions or should I say "Mermaids" Check out Mermaid Madness for times and dates above ...... Thanking God for the privilege of Life and enjoying His creation together on a Paddleboard Excursion!

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