Saturday, March 3, 2012

Singer Island grandmother treats her children to a Paddleboard Excursion

Well, we were going to paddle to Peanut Island but the wind was just too much! Not to disappoint ... Paddleboard Excursions switched gears to the protected back bays. Paddleboard Excursions is not limited to one location and can change locations with the change of weather conditions....This is a great advantage... otherwise the day you had planned might not happen. We enjoyed Stand up paddle boarding in Palm Beach Gardens along the Intracoastal. A large alligator gar, some ducks and a ray were spotted.
This family from Pennsylvania were all very athletic and had no trouble getting right up on their boards....even Cathy the 71 grandmother of this crew stood right up. She was a active kayaker and did a great job keeping up with this young family! The Stand up Paddleboards we used were Synergy boards  from "Florida Paddleboards" out of Juno Beach and the woodies we used were from "Three Brothers" out of Daytona. If you have never done any stand up  paddle boarding Paddleboard Excursions does tours to Peanut Island, Coral Cove, Munyon Island, The Jupiter Lighthouse, Fishermans Island and more. Come join us sometime! 

Will...the youngest kept everyone in line....this little fellow was just too cute!
                                      Derek....Leader of the pack!
             Tyler...the next stand up paddleboard pro!

                   Off on a south Florida Eco adventure

Yes, even Cathy...a 71 one year old grandmother tagged along behind

                                She is 71...What is your excuse!

I could hardly believe Cathy is 71.... Well preserved I must say!

      Chris...the proud mother of 2 fine sons .... enjoys doing life with them to the fullest!
                                       Like daughter
                                        This fun loving couple........
                        produced these 2 fun loving boys!

                                                       Boys will be boys!
Is that a mermaid?....No it's Cathy...Will and Tyler's grandmother
                                              Time for a water break!

                            A little French bulldog joined us
                                                                    Dog Days!

                                                   Showing off his abs!

                                              Some handsome fellows!

             Wonderful family memories were made!

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