Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Doug and Mary's Paddleboard Excursion to Peanut Island

Paddleboard Excursions loves to take photo's of it's clients so they have the memories to keep forever!
Check out Doug and Mary's photo's.......they were beginner paddle boarders who promoted to intermediate with just one paddle around the whole island. They were blessed with perfect conditions so it made the excursion very pleasant for them. the weather was nice, we caught slack tide, the water was clear and we almost owned the island for ourselves. Weekdays are the best time to explore the island since the boat traffic is minimal.

We were able to spot a dolphin, 2 manatees, lots of starfish and 2 spotted eagle rays. Check out the pictures below to see the manatee that followed us.

Come make yourself some wonderful memories and I will make sure you have some pictures to take home with you so you can share with your friends and family. It is always fun to put one on facebook just to prove you were able to stand up. If you were not cool before....not to worry....all your friends will take notice that you are now "Cool"!

The more the merrier..... I can give Groupon prices for 2 or more!
Remember if you get four people to go you will get to go free! Such a deal! You do not need a Groupon just tell me you want the Groupon price for the special Peanut Island 4 hour power paddle.  It includes snorkeling, water to drink, lessons and pictures to take home to share your memories.

                                            The Manatee encounter

                          Mary says she has a gift....she attracts manatees

              OOOOPS!   2nd spill of the day!

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