Thursday, August 15, 2013

Friends and Fun

Sabine's mom buys a Groupon for the two of them to enjoy a paddle board Excursion together but before they get their chance.... Heavens doors open and Sabines mom passes through them. I was somewhere close to her age when I lost my mom so I know the pain she is feeling. I believe Sabines Mom peeked through the portals of heaven and still enjoyed the experience. Sabine and Lauren, friends from way back when....enjoy making some new memories while sharing some of the old ones.
Come make some memories with Paddleboard Excursions with your family and never know when your time will come or a loved one will pass into eternity.
Interesting to find out the girls and I had been a part of the same church and did not even know it. Christ Fellowship is a large church in our area and I highly recommend visiting if you do not have a church home or are new to the area.  

 Donna joins in on the adventure. I enjoyed her company!

Friends from the beginning......Middle school, high school, college and now young women working out in the world. Always nice to get together and share memories and make new ones.....Paddleboarding is the perfect way to get together for fun , relaxing times. and a little needed exercise! 

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