Thursday, March 21, 2013

Mermaid Madness

Mermaid madness every Thursday morning at 9:00. Come meet other women who enjoy being on the water and having fun! If you do not have a board and need to rent one bring $25.00 cash with you. Call us to let us know you are coming and find out our location for that day! We promise "All the Fun you can Stand"! Contact # or email above.

Jersey girls come down to Florida to get warm

 Two Jersey girls escape the winter weather and decide a day of Paddleboarding is just what the Doctor ordered! Even though the weather was in the high 60's in Florida ( which is cold to a local ) these girls took on the challenge! Actually the water temp was very pleasant and no one fell in. We worked up a sweat just paddling so the cool wind was welcome.  We had 18 mile ph wind gust so we did a one way trip with a side special to the secret lagoon which is a beautiful Florida Eco tour. A baby manatee was spotted along with many beautiful birds as the wind pushed us to our final destination. We were all thankful that we did not have to turn around and paddle back. Three miles against the wind can be a real workout! Of course paddleboarding is great exercise if you want to build your core muscles! The girls decided to have lunch at Frigates, a new restaurant on the water in North Palm Beach. My friend Amy says they have the best Dolphin sandwiches! Come join paddleboard Excursions for all the 
"Fun you can Stand" !

                     Robin and Sue Ellen

                  Girls just like to have fun!