My hope is that I can get you so excited about what Florida has to offer as far as beautiful water and beaches, multitudes of fabulous wildlife, great climate for being outdoors and keeping in shape so that you can enjoy it and will want to preserve it for future generations. But more than that I want to create a Stand Up Paddleboard family or community. If after you have done an excursion with me and get "The Fever" for paddling your next step might be to buy a board. We have plenty of wonderful places that sell paddleboards.....Florida Paddleboards, Blueline and Bogaert are just a few. Going out by yourself is not nearly as fun as having people to paddle with. 

Just for gals....Mermaid Madness....we are attempting to meet twice a week, once in the morning and once in the evening for fun and fitness. If you have a board already or need to rent one for the fun and fitness paddle we want you to join us. We will be exploring different places together, getting to know one another better, encouraging each other and occasionally having breakfast after our paddles so we can become better acquainted and become friends. Kinda like a life group! Thursday mornings at 7:00 or sunrise and Monday evenings at 7:00 or sunset. If you love the water, love paddle boarding, and want to do life with gals that love the same thing this is what you have been waiting for! Just email me and let me know you are coming so you can find out the details or call me, Cindi Rogers, 561-718-3105