Saturday, July 28, 2012

Even people from Knoxville Tennessee can be taught to paddleboard!

                         A really cool dude!

                        Chesney in Paradise!

                           The Motley Crew!

 Yes, a mom and a baby manatee were spotted....we even spotted a third manatee, sea turtles, a conch and a spotted eagle ray!

Christmas in July

 This couple got a gift certificate for Christmas this year from Paddleboard Excursions and decided to cash in 7 months later for a "Christmas in July." A family member or friend was looking for just the right gift and decided  a 2 hour excursion was just the thing. 

                                      Yes! The gift was just perfect!

 A conch was spotted stranded on the sandbar so we rescued it!

 A manatee mother and baby was spotted on this excursion along with a number of sea turtles and a spotted Eagle ray.