We do not keep a regular schedule....Mainly we do custom excursions that you can help design for your group ...... you may have children and require something more tailored for may be girls day out and you want to do a destination excursion for lunch to a waterfront restaurant, a fitness paddle or a "pleasure one way with the wind at your back stress relieving excursion" ........ or a "wildlife eco excursion" hoping to spot a manatee or the "Lifestyles of the rich and famous excursion"..... "Sunrise or sunset excursions".......we do them all and promise you "All the Fun you can Stand"!

Just call and reserve your date!

We are attempting to do Mermaid madness (  crazy fun lovin' women only ) excursions on a more regular basis.....great way to make friends and enjoy the fellowship.....may even meet at starbucks afterwards for breakfast, lunch or just coffee!