Sunrise and sunset Paddleboard Excursions  are always awesome .......... The Heavens declare the glory of God!

Wildlife and Eco tours are never know what you may see....... spotted eagle rays, manatees, turtles, dolphins or starfish!

       An unexpected guest....a baby Box turtle

                Manatees....gentle giants!

Lots of beach stops all along the way to rest, have lunch swim and enjoy one another's fellowship......This family will have wonderful memories to share way into the future!

       Girls just like to have fun.....surfs up!

Sometimes Tiger Woods yacht "The Privacy is docked in a private place and we glide by just to get a glance......ohhh la that's a boat......not quite Noahs ark but pretty awesome......Money can buy a lot of things but it just does not buy happiness! A simple Paddleboard Excursion with loved ones can make special memories for a life time!

While birdwatching in one of our Hidden lagoons .....The Great Blue Heron is often spotted

Getting your sea legs can be a challenge but once you have them the fun begins and paddleboard fever kicks in!

On our way to Peanut Island.....notice how clear the water is!