Wednesday, June 4, 2014

John and Linda let loose , I mean Luce....Well John and Linda Luce let Loose on the Intracoastal waterway....LOL!

A beautiful day in South Florida for a paddleboard Excursion.....Two" newbies" from Memphis, Tennessee hit the water with enthusiasm! A few falls....but hey....that is to be expected.....I think these 60 year olds did rather well.... especially for completing the whole 3 miles of the excursion for their first try!

              Now that's one cool dude!

 Getting close to the end, Linda fell off her board and I could tell she was going to need a little bit of help since she was getting tired......I told her I spotted a "FIN" in the water and she needed to get on the board quickly.....well she walked on water and in seconds was standing and paddling again..... I knew she just needed some extra adrenaline to finish the last leg of the trip....No problem from there on out......LOL!

 The end of the day.....lots of sunshine, fresh air and exercise promises a good nights sleep! Thanking God for the privilege of just being alive, enjoying friends, fellowship and another day on this beautiful planet that our God created for our enjoyment! He is so awesome!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer breeze makes me feel fine.....blowin' jasmine through my mind

 Family reunion........sisters enjoy paddle boarding in Palm Beach Gardens on the 
intercoastal waterway

 Dorian, a first time paddle boarder paddles over three miles without falling off......she proves it can be done!

 The flora and fauna is just fabulous along the banks of the waterways in south Florida

 Always stopping for breaks along the way

 Vitamin D, sunshine, fresh air and warm waters delight the soul

                           What is this?????
 Interesting stuff can be found along the way!

 Manatees and sting rays can be seen through out the year

 Dream on....Lifestyles of the rich and famous abound along the banks....come enjoy a paddleboard excursion and pick out your mansion 

 Memorial day weekend is a great time for a paddle board excursion

               Tropical foliage in full bloom

 Stuff we gathered for our hamster and sugar glider
                  Another beach break

Now the day is over and the sun slides out of sight.......relaxed and rested ready to face the fast pace of life ahead until Paddle board fever calls my name again!