Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mother and son make memories together on a Sunday morning

This little fellow has been kissed by hundreds of angels as you can see (freckles )
I can see why....he was just too sweet! Got his good looks from his Momma!

Neither one of them have ever been on a paddleboard but both of them had no problem catching on quickly!

We paddled to the hidden lagoon and then did a one way paddle down the inter- coastal..... about a 4 mile total paddleboard excursion!  Along the way we stopped at 2 different private beaches, took a swim and cooled off.

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sam and Sarah's Summer Paddleboard Adventure to the Hidden Lagoon in Palm Beach Gardens

          YES......WE CAN DO THIS.......NO        PROBLEM!

 Enjoying "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous!

 I don't see an alligator.....I want my money back!

                    Imagine meeting you here!

                                                      wanna race!
          Paddleboarding thru the jungle
 I will protect you from the creature of the dark lagoon

 Young Love enjoys a summer day paddleboarding the inter-coasttal of Palm Beach Gardens

 Cute couple enjoy a paddleboard adventure together
                                                    Sam and Sarah
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 Paddleboarding to a private beach with a picnic can be lots of fun
 It took Sarah no time to master paddle boarding

 Sam was a total success story when it came to paddle boarding
                                  A pair of paddle boarders

Like I said...a total success story for Sam when it comes to paddle boarding