Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Grandparents are the most fun of all!

Such a blessing to have grandparents that really love you! These girls were treated by their grandparents to a Paddleboard Excursion to Peanut Island. Lots of fun was had by all!

We found a beautiful Starfish and just had to have our picture made with him. Starfish are a cherished animal here in South Florida. Sometimes they get left on a sandbar when the tide is low and kids will play frisbee with them. Not these girls....they were in awe of such a marvelous creation. We made sure this one was safe and sound while we all admired him. 

             Michelle was a natural at paddle boarding

                  The tiki boat was our first stop

 Jullian was the only one that had paddleboarded before out of this group of girls. She is almost a pro!
             Happy campers arrive alive!

                  It is fun to be a teenager!
                     Memories were made!
 Chris joined this group of grandchildren today
 Chris is in great shape and took to paddleboarding immediately....I think she may catch Paddleboard fever!

                 This looks yummy!!!  Well maybe not!
      Paddleboarding into the wild blue yonder

       Alana glides with ease across the bay

                                          YES I CAN DO THIS!

 When you dream upon a star makes no difference who you are!

                     Back to the starting point

Thanks again to these loving grandparents who made it all happen. What would we do without them!

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