Sunday, July 1, 2012

Four on he Fourth of July weekend have Fun

The Fearsome Four head out for some adventure on the "High Seas"

 I am the only guy in this group.....gotta look a little macho....what do you think?

                 I knew this sport was for me!

       I think we may be a match made in heaven

                                                    The Fearsome Four

 If you look very the background of the above picture you can see a cross between these two. A reminder of the Creator...our awesome God who made all this possible. I pray that the  future union of these two young people ( if this is Gods direction for them ) will be blessed with a foundation built on what that cross symbolizes. A God who took on the form of a servant to give His life for us. May both of you serve one another as you bring glory to your Creator in your marriage.

                    salty kisses are the best!

 This is the life....swimming....paddleboarding......swimmming .....paddleboarding!

        Julie takes the lead....I think she is catching "Paddleboard Fever"

 Morgan says she is not sure she wants to see the saltwater crocodile at the end of this lagoon

 Julie decides to turn around after her imagination got the best of her....she does not want to run into that saltwater croc either!

Ahh! Yes! I think I have mastered paddleboarding! Just might have to visit Mike and Claudette at Florida Paddleboards and check out what they have on sale!

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