Monday, July 9, 2012

A South East Florida Welcome to a South West Florida Family

This cute family just moved from the west coast of Florida to the East coast of Florida. One of the major differences is that the water because of the Gulf Stream running so close to shore is crystal clear like Bahama water. Another thing I have noticed is that the south east coast line is a lot faster paced than the west coast of Florida. I am sure this is something they will have to get used to. Moving two teenage kids at that age is always difficult because they leave behind friends and all their memories.......
but "Oh" the fun of meeting new friends and making new memories! Stand Up Paddleboarding or "SUP" for short is a wonderful way to get acquainted with all the fun we have to offer. Peanut Island is one of our "Gems". Coral Cove near Jupiter Island is another. Paddleboard Excursions will make sure "You have all the Fun You can Stand!"

 We arrived back under the foot of the Blue Heron Bridge to discover a Hispanic church service going on.....a reminder that God is still in control wherever He moves you. My advice to this little family is to trust God and embrace the plans He has in store for you here in Palm Beach County. 

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