Monday, October 3, 2011

Family paddle with Rob, Miranda, Riley and Miraina

The family that plays together ... stays together!

Yes, this was one big happy family. It is becoming more rare every day. So much stress fills our lives and we somehow get lost in all the world's cares. But on this day, Rob and Miranda committed to family time. Grandmama, Grandpa and even Auntie were included in this outing. Yes, memories were made that will last a lifetime with Riley and little Miraina, especially. The baby was, of course, too young to paddle but will be able to treasure the pictures and stories that will be told in the future.

My father-in-law, Adrian Rogers, used to say that "home is the university of life, with parents as the professors, children as students, and life as the lab." These children were gaining great insights from their parents. It was sweet to hear Rob call his daughter "Boo," obviously a "love nickname," numerous times. Miraina would encourage her Daddy as he was learning, and Rob would always ask her if she was having fun. I caught Miranda admiring her husband and wanting to paddle up close to encourage him. Women tend to have better balance than men, so it can take a little more time for a man to get his sea legs. Young Riley who was 13 had no problem at all; in fact he was a natural, and if nurtured from his young age could become a pro someday.

Auntie did not just sit on the beach. She was an experienced kayaker, so she wanted to get out and try this new sport. The advantage of paddleboarding over kayaking is you get a much better view standing up and a much better workout. This is a great sport for young and old alike. A couple of spills, and she was up and at 'em ... did not take her long to get her sea legs.

The grandparents were very content to watch their loved ones have fun, and, of course, enjoyed every moment cuddling their sweet grand baby.

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