Saturday, February 16, 2013

Father makes a special date with his daughter around Valentines day

Russ takes his daughter Sabrina on a paddleboard Excursion to Peanut Island for a special date around Valentines. Sabrina is more than thrilled as you can see!  The memories that were made will be with the two of them forever because "Families are Forever" ! 

Father's like Russ are very smart to treat their daughters to special times. Sabrina will soon be grown and opportunities like this one fade as our children sprout wings and fly. It is important for fathers to leave good impressions because children will be influenced greatly for good or bad by the impressions  their fathers leave. Sometimes our Heavenly Father gets a real bad wrap as far as kids are concerned if their dad neglects them.......I was so impressed with Russ, he has stepped up to the plate and scored big with his daughter. If men would take the lead in their families the world would be a different place.

Come make your own family memories with Paddleboard Excursions!

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