Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Memories

                                Memorial day Memories

Cute family from Cocoa Beach Florida visit South Florida for the Memorial Day weekend.  A Paddleboard Excursion seemed like just the thing to make some memories special. A visit to the Panama Hattie's Rum bar and some delicious fish tacos started off their adventure. It was a windy day so the Palm Beach Inter-coastal offered some protection from the gust. We paddled by absolutely stunning million dollar homes including the famous Nascar Dale Earnhardt's mansion in Palm Beach Gardens and then on to the Hidden Lagoon to practice and learn some paddleboarding skills. Paddleboarding came easy for this family.  We spent some time just admiring the eco-jungle like scenery in the lagoon and rested in the peaceful and stillness of the moment. A great day was had by all. The fresh air and great exercise promised a good nights sleep. 

Thanking God for a father who makes it his priority to see to it that his marriage and family are a high priority. This is fast becoming a lost art. Their daughter will carry these precious memories way into her future and hide them in her heart for keepsakes.

Step up to the challenge.....make some memories for your family. Paddleboarding is just one way to bring a family together. Use your imagination and bless the people that you love with some special times together! You won't regret it!

                              My husband....the show off!

My husband and I enjoy each other on an excursion with Richard, Gina and Mekinzie Bradley

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