Saturday, November 19, 2011

Jupiter Fall Classic surf contest with Paddleboarders included

Yes, Paddleboarders were included this year at the Jupiter Fall Surf classic contest. What a challenge for the 5 guys who decided to enter. The waves were 4 to 5 feet and sloppy making it extremely difficult to get out on a paddleboard, but hey, they all finally made it out even though they took a beating. One of our very own local boys Adam from Blueline caught a wave and performed fabulously considering the circumstances.
I enjoyed being with my niece, Savannah Bradley, who came in 2nd place for the finals in the women's surf contest.
There has been a real stigma in some areas when it comes to surfers and paddleboarders sharing the waves,
but I only saw support and encouraging words here at the Jupiter Fall Classic surf Contest. I love Jupiter Florida, people seem to exhibit much more maturity in this area.
Mike and Claudette own a store called Florida Paddleboards in Juno Beach right across the street from Loggerhead park. They are some of the friendliest people around. Mike is really into paddleboard surfing and will be glad to help you on a Sunday morning check out the surfing aspect. I tend to lean more towards flat water paddling in the back bays but I have paddle surfed in the ocean. I do not consider myself a pro in this arena though.
One thing good about paddle boarding is that if the ocean is wild and crazy you can always find a pleasant waterway in the Intracoastal, the back bays or the tributaries of the Loxahatchee river.

Don't let the surfing side of paddle boarding intimidate you. Come join me for a carefree, non competitive , lazy day exploring the scenic waterways of Palm Beach county. You will get a good core workout without feeling that you might drown if the ocean is turbulent.  Come have some fun with Paddleboard Excursions!

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