Monday, November 7, 2011

Sunrise paddle with Amy

Wow, what a way to start your day! On the water at sunrise with a Starbucks in hand and a friend to paddle with. The water was glassy, and buttery smooth. We caught the slack tide so we were able to glide along side each other and share our thoughts, and encourage each other for the day ahead. Every day brings a little stress and pressure but when you start your day this way things seem much brighter. I think it is because it gets your blood flowing and your serotonin working well for you.
We paddled by beautiful homes belonging to millionaires in Admirals Cove, but thanked God for the privilege to wake up this morning and be "Stand up paddleboarding" with each other reminded that it is the simple things in life that are enjoyed the most.
Not only were we enjoying fun times together, we were getting our workout for the day behind us. I must say it was too fun to actually call a workout. Paddleboarding works your core muscles and develops your back muscles but can give you a really good cardio workout also.
The intracoastal waterways of Palm Beach county are great places to explore on a Stand up paddleboard. Lots of interesting things to see including manatees and beautiful birds. The North end of Palm Beach county around Jupiter is especially nice. Jupiter has all kinds of intersecting canals, creeks and inlets. A lot like a road system but on the water.

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