Sunday, August 5, 2012

Gena, Gaby, Dillon, Aaron and don't forget Brendon spend Sunday afternoon paddling

A delightful family take to the waterways on a Sunday afternoon. Being pregnant did not stop this mother from having fun with her two kids....three I inside the womb! Nothing like starting children out young! 

Gena and I discovered we had both just been to a Christ Fellowship service here in south Florida, two different campus's ....but we had both just heard Pastor Todd and Michael Neale discuss a book that Michael had written called "The River". The premise was that the River calls and if you want to enjoy it you must not stand on the bank....You have got to step into the river to feel its power, the adventure and the majesty of where it may take you......God being the River....... He has a plan and purpose for your life but you must step out into the river to discover it and enjoy the glorious ride.

While I was paddle boarding I heard people say along the way today.....That looks like fun and I want to try that sometime. Don't sit on the shoreline and wish....come join Paddleboard Excursions for 
"All the Fun you can Stand"

By the way.....Christ Fellowship is doing a series called "The River" for the next few weeks....I would encourage you not to miss out! The River is calling!

 6 months pregnant and paddling.....starting children out young is Gena's philosophy

                      The newest male model!

     10 year olds really do know how to enjoy life!

   Gena and Brennan enjoy the warm salt water spa

 A beagle decides he wants to do some paddle boarding

 Beautiful beaches with lots of driftwood can be found along the intercoastal shores near the Jupiter Inlet

                    Yes, a manatee was spotted

 Exploring a small lagoon or estuary...lots of interesting jellyfish that look like snowflakes were found

 A conch was found....we debated whether to cut it up with the sea cucumber and make some ceviche on the spot

                     Aaron enjoys a short nap

                                                            Sea cucumber

 Dillon was such a cute kid.....only 10 but had no problem with stand up paddle boarding
Maybe Brendon would enjoy some Sea Cucumber for lunch

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