Thursday, August 9, 2012

Perfect day in Paradise!

Hot Fun in the Summertime!

 Perfect form... took this teenager no time to catch on to Paddleboarding....Good Job!

 Check Mark out....He will conquer the world!

                        The next Mermaid

                          Janice and Taylor

                              Cutie Pie!

 Friends are friends forever and these memories will last a lifetime

 Janice and Taylor....Mother and son enjoy paddling together on the crystal waters of the Palm Beach Inlet

 Our snorkeling expert! Karen Lamberson

 Too Cool for School!.....Great kid!........I predict the next paddleboard trophy winner!
 Betsy Burden is having a board meeting today

 The next upcoming paddleboard model....she would look good in The  Stand Up Paddleboard Magazine!
 The Eco part of the Peanut Island Paddleboard Excursion.....exploring the center of the island....we did not find any salt water crocodiles.....thank goodness!

 Loved grandchildren paddle Peanut island for a gift

                 We did the "Limbo" thing!
           Gotta' have drinks and snacks on a Paddleboard Excursion to Peanut Island!

 A little relaxation before the trip back to Phil Foster park
     Snorkeling was the highlight of Marks trip
And these grandparents made the excursion happen for their grandchildren....I hope they got lots of hugs and kisses!  What would we do without grandparents!!!!

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