Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mermaid Madness Shenanigans

The Mermaids head to Peanut Island at Sunrise. Starfish and a manatee were spotted. Fun and games and total Mermaid Madness once we arrived. Calling all women who love the water and love having fun and making friends. We meet every Thursday morning at 7:00 for a paddle at sunrise and every Monday evening for a paddle at Sunset! We love to explore new places together so you need to call to find out our destination. Come join in on the "MERMAID MADNESS"

                                                          Queen of all I survey

                                         Mermaid maidens

                          Does she need a whack?....I think so!

                            Let the "Mermaid Madness" begin
                                 Got ya!    You deserved that!    

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