Saturday, January 21, 2012

Paddle to Trapper Nelsons Lodge

Another fun day in Florida. Five brave souls head out to Trapper Nelson's Lodge to see if we could spot a 


                                          everyone needs a nap after we have paddled for 3 miles

                                                   knowing we have to go back another 3 miles

                                                                 Amy in the alligator pen

                                                                     Jan the Geo-casher!

                                                   Steve makes friends with the park ranger

                Five brave souls avoided any alligator attacks and managed to spot a very large manatee. Many beautiful birds were seen including ospreys in their nest, Ibis and Kingfishers. The water is mostly dark in the deep areas but the shallow areas are a clear rusty color. The rusty color is caused by tannins in the water. The white sand bottom and the clear water allow for great views from a stand up paddle board. Sometimes large gar can be seen along with turtles We arrived safely home looking forward to a long soak in some Epsom salts after an almost 7 mile paddle, but boy did we have a blast! This is not a excursion that we offer, unfortunately. My suggestion is kayaking this park.

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