Sunday, March 18, 2012

Carlos and his crew

Carlos and his crew book a day of fun and sun with paddleboard excursions. We met under the Bridge at Phil Foster Park on Singer Island and headed over to Peanut Island. This group of young men and women were in fabulous shape. All of them already had nice muscles in their abs so they enjoyed the core workout that paddle boarding will give you. They brought along an extra girl so we were short a board....what guy can not say yes to a pretty girl! Well, we made the best of it ...... I put her on the front of my board, she was a tiny little thing so it was not too much of a problem. Over the sand bar we headed while we weaved our way through the boats. On the weekend the Palm Beach Inlet fills up with boats that like to park on the sand bar and party until sunset. That is why I prefer going to Peanut Island on week days when you can have the Island all to yourself. This group of young adults fit right in though and enjoyed all the action.

Make the most of your youth because it is a fleeting thing. Climb the right ladders and make a difference with your life. Enjoying relationships and making memories that will last a lifetime is so important. Take time to smell the roses as some would say. Doing life together and loving one another makes all the difference in the world. Friendships can last a lifetime when memories are made together. And above all remember your creator who makes everything we do possible, the fun we had today, the starfish we saw, the beautiful clear water we swam in.....and each fresh breath we took!

We could not make it around the whole Island or into the center canals because of lack of a extra board but I think the guys were ok with it since both girls were able to come along. Girls may have cooties at 10 years old but boys change their tune when they get into their twenties.

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