Thursday, March 22, 2012

College kids come to the tropics for spring break

Fort Lauderdale is out..... and Palm Beach county is in. These four college kids from Chicago decided to do spring break right here in Palm Beach county and what could be better than paddle boarding to Peanut Island. Peanut Island is our version of what a tropical get away looks like. Cocoanut Palms, white sandy beaches and crystal clear water!
These kids.... even though they had never done stand up paddle boarding before were pros in no time.
The wind was a little bit of a challenge but I bet they gave their abs a real work out and can show them off once back in Chicago. I know they will sleep good tonight.
We helped rescue a stranded starfish and found a sea cucumber that one of the girls decided to take a bite of....the other girl was petrified of it and the boys had to be persuaded that it would not bite them.
Next time you are in Florida and want to experience Florida like it should be experienced look us up!
Paddleboard Excursions at your service.

                It is a sea cucumber but I did not say you should eat it!

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