Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday, Passover and Peanut Island????

What does Good Friday....Passover.....and Peanut Island have in common?
Well......on Good Friday two young couples made the passover from Phil Foster Park across the Lake Worth Lagoon to Peanut Island.
What a way to celebrate Easter weekend!

Why is it called "Good Friday" is the day Jesus, the lamb of God was crucified for our sins....and why was that so good.....well, it probably was not "His" best day......but for us it was a great day! The payment was made for our sins.....we lost through Adam in "The Fall of Man" what God intended for us and it had to be purchased back......Jesus paid the price for each of us with His blood atonement.  Only God could do this, He is the only one without sin.....I sure am glad He was willing!

The Jews celebrate Passover......The death angel passed over every house in Egypt that had the blood of a lamb painted over the doorpost. This was significant! It was a picture of things to come......Jesus was showing that sin brings death but an atonement would be made.....God himself would pay the ultimate price, Jesus, "The Lamb Of God" would cover our sins just like the blood of the innocent lamb covered the Hebrews doorpost for their protection from the Death Angel.......and of course Easter is the climax.......God conquers death and is resurrected and gives us that promise also!

No wonder Easter is something to celebrate!

If you do not have a place to celebrate on Easter....
"Christ Fellowship Church" has several locations through out Palm Beach county that I would recommend.

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