Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Cloudy Day in Paradise

It was a cloudy day in paradise but this group of 1st time stand up paddle boarders still had fun!
Three separate groups combined to make this excursion to Peanut Island!
A husband and wife from New Jersey, two girlfriends and a father and son. The mix did well together and even enjoyed getting to know one another.

Zack the youngest, surprised us all and was a pro in minutes!
One of the girls struggled right up front with the wind and waves but by the end of the trip she was almost a pro!

Some in the group explored the Island and others took advantage of snorkeling. It is always better when there is plenty of sunshine but on this cloudy day lots of fun was still to be had!

 Friends will be friends forever with memories like these!
I have two of "Three Brothers"  Woodies!  If you do not want to drive to Daytona Beach to demo these boards come join Paddle Excursions and try one out. They are great all around boards!

                main man!

Fleet of Paddleboards are from "Florida Paddleboards" out of Juno Beach. Mike and Claudette will be glad to help you if you get "Paddleboard Fever" find just the right board for you! In the meantime come join Paddleboard Excursions and see if stand up paddle boarding is for you!

                 I am so proud of you Cindy

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