Friday, April 27, 2012

Luce 10th wedding anniversary celebrated with a Paddleboard Excursion

After 10 years of marriage and 4 sweet children this young couple plan a celebration of their union in South Florida. Not only will this be a special memory for them but also for their children who will remember the high priority their parents put on maintaining their marriage.
Yes, they missed their kids....but one day the children will have flown away from their nest and possibly started families of their own. The 2 of them will be alone once more.....keeping the fire burning is so important!

One day of their celebration was spent with Paddleboard Excursions. From Coral Cove on Jupiter Island they paddled by the Jupiter Lighthouse, across the Jupiter Inlet towards the ocean to Dubois Park. After 2 hours of Stand up paddle boarding a hunger was worked up so off to Guanabanas... a tropical paradise...for tacos, yummy!
On the way we spotted a herd of Sea Cows or manatees, a Spotted Eagle Ray, a Sea Turtle, a school of barracuda and some cute puffer fish. Lots of memories were made and their children especially loved the picture of their mom and dad kissing in front of the lighthouse. The children were able to see this photo posted on Facebook. Grandmama shared it with them. Families are Forever!


             Paddleboard vows to last a lifetime!

                   A marriage made in heaven

                                                     Love was in the air!

 This excursion also included Jan and Betsy....both were from Tennessee so Nathan and Angie and the girls had lots in common....Tennessee "Volunteers".....Paddleboard Excursions tried to make "Gaitorbait" out of them but with no luck!

               Nathan in all his pride and glory!

 One Florida Gator in the middle of Tennessee "Volunteers"
 Guanabanas...a favorite Paddleboard Excursion destination!

 Nathan rescues his sweet maiden from the raging river!

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