Thursday, May 3, 2012

Girls from up north visiting Singer Island join Paddleboard Excursions for "Mermaid Madness"

Like I said... "Girls just like to have fun" and today we did just that again.....More "Mermaid Madness"

Amy and Betsy are our regulars but today we added Debbie from North Carolina. She was in great shape and had paddled before in Wilmington.  She was a joy to have along and kept us hopping!              

You Go Girl! 

                                      Loved having Debbie....she always had a smile on her face!

 Amy and Betsy are regular Mermaids down here in South Florida. They love to paddle with Paddleboard Excursions. Today we paddled the intracoastal waterway in Palm Beach Gardens.

 Betsy is getting better at stand up paddle boarding every time she goes with Paddleboard Excursions.

 Debbie explores the little eco lagoon. Lots of mullet were jumping today and diving ducks swam along side us.

 Danielle's husband drops her off to join paddleboard Excursions. More "Mermaid Madness" happened!

                                        Danielle explores the lagoon

         "Paddleboard Fever" and Mermaid Madness go      together on days like today!

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