Saturday, May 5, 2012

Two couples make memories with Paddleboard Excursions

Two couples enjoy making memories together on a Paddleboard Excursion. The weather was so perfect and the conditions were great..... We were able to tour the whole island inside and out!
A large sting ray was spotted and several large orange starfish.
These two couples were in great shape so they had no problem when we came to the windy side of the island. Core building is part of stand up paddle boarding. If you want to build strong abs and back muscles this is the sport for you! Lots of sunshine, vitamin D, mental therapy and physical therapy!
Come join Paddleboard Excursions and enjoy the benefits!

Ahhh! we made it to Peanut Island!

 The jungle eco part of the tour where we look for the 2 saltwater crocodiles!  LOL!   Just kiddin'

 We rescued a starfish from kids on the sandbar playing frisbee

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  1. You gave me a new love of paddle boarding! Thanks for a great day you made it easy and fun for all of us!