Sunday, May 6, 2012

Port St. Lucie paddlers

Two couples from Port St. Lucie came down to Palm Beach county on a Sunday afternoon to try out Stand Up Paddle Boarding. None of them had ever paddled before but they had been training and working out so they were in good shape. Josh had been working with them and apparently had done a great job. 
Paddling to Peanut Island always requires some core building because we paddle against the current and sometimes the wind. So one way we get our workout and the other we enjoy being pushed toward our goal. The paddle to Peanut island can give you as much or as little exercise as you want. There are sandbars that you can maneuver around or if you get tired you can walk over.
The couples were able to explore Peanut Island and check out the Kennedy bunker...of course John and Jackie had the right names so I bet they could have talked the guides into letting them in for free!
Lots of sun and saltwater is good for the soul and also helps people to get a good nights sleep so I bet these two couples sleep well tonight!
Stand Up Paddle Boarding is a great core workout and can also get your back muscles into  shape not to mention cardiovascular benefits.

I hope the couples stopped somewhere on their way home to Port St Lucie and had a good meal together enjoying each others fellowship because they earned it.  I Would not be surprised if they burned at least 500 calories. 
It is fun to share memories with your friends and these two couples made some memories to last a lifetime!

John takes the lead....becoming a real pro at Stand Up Paddle Boarding

 Steve.... my main man.....helps today with the excursion

            Josh, the trainer and his sweet wife

 I have never seen Peanut Island so packed before. I guess it had something to do with SunFest weekend. If you decide to paddle on a weekday, which I highly almost have the island to yourself.

 Two girl friends enjoy a paddleboard Excursion together

 I like to take first time paddle boarders into the center of the island away from all the waves and boat traffic so they can gain confidence on the serene calmer waters
 Limbo is part of our fitness paddle. Everyone made it under the bridge just fine!

 Jackie mastered the skill of standing up on her paddle board

Steve and I enjoyed sitting on our balcony this evening watching the orange moon rise and counting all the blessings of this beautiful day! Thank you God for making it all possible. I love the things you have made for us to enjoy! Especially when we can do it together.

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