Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Anita and Rick celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary

                                                   I Love to meet couples who have made it to the 30 year mark. This is becoming more rare by the day! 
When you stand before God and your fellow man and make a commitment to one another until death do us part.....well, I like to see that some couples take that very seriously! Good thing God forgives and He is a God of second I am not getting down on those marriages that have ended in divorce but it is nice to see that there is hope!
This couple decided to celebrate by taking a paddleboard Excursion to Peanut island. What a way to celebrate! I love helping people to make good memories to share not only with themselves but other family members. Happy Anniversary Rick and Anita! Wishing you the best!

A group of four head out for Peanut Island starting at Phil Foster Park. A couple from Missouri .... Rick and Anita
and a mother and daughter from our area here in West Palm Beach.

Rick has no problem standing on his board for the first time. He will be ready to race with the best of them by the end of this excursion!

Rick and Anita pull up to Peanut Island. The water was crystal clear and we caught slack tide so the conditions were very favorable

I think when Anita gets home to Missouri she will want a paddle board to use on the lake!

                         Love was in the air!

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